Stylish V-Neck Bow Tie Double Skirt Dress

Stylish V-Neck Bow Tie Double Skirt Dress

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Please refer to theSIZE CHARTbelow

Size Chart/Actual Wearing Report
Size Chart

Unit:Inches( 1Inches=2.54cm)
Measuring Method:Flattened - Stretched(Within Elastic Range)

Clothing SizesBustWaistHemSleeveArmpitCuffCuff OpeningShoulderFull Length Fit Body Shape(About)
S343084221913713.535S Body Shape~S Body Shape Fit
M36328622.52014813.535.5M Body Shape~M Body Shape Fit
L38348823211581436L Body Shape~L Body Shape Fit
XL413791242216914.537XL Body Shape~2L Body Shape Fit
2L44409524.523169.515.5382L Body Shape~3L Body Shape Fit
3L48441022524171016.5394L Body Shape~5L Body Shape Fit

 ※Depending on measuring method of individual, measurement of products may differ by 1 to 2 inches.
※ For body & international clothing size table, please refer here

Actual Wearing Report

Measurements:Inches Height:cm Weight:kg

ModelBust(Inches)Waist(Inches)Hip(Inches)Height(cm)Weight(kg) Body ShapeWearing result
Ada39 31 39 16566Upper Body:XL/Lower Body:LWearing XLSize Slight Loose
Lara43 36 44 15980Upper Body:3L/Lower Body:3LWearing 2LSize Suitable
麻豆兒貝貝32 24 33 15840Wearing SSize Fit
Dale34 27 37 15452Upper Body:M/Lower Body:MWearing MSize Suitable
Kelly37 32 39.5 15863Upper Body:L/Lower Body:XLWearing LSize Suitable
Vicky47 39 51 169103Upper Body:5L/Lower Body:6LWearing 3LSize Suitable

Size Measuring Method
Bust:Wearing 著胸罩量胸部頂點水平一圈
1. The measuring unit is always in "inch" at our web site.
2. There is no absolute relationship between height, weight and size. For example, a plus size girl with 155cm height might wear the same as a lanky girl at 168cm.。
3. Bust is a key factor affecting the choice of shirt size, please refer to the actual wearing report before choosing the suitable size for you。