Embroidered Single Radiant Cup Bra

Embroidered Single Radiant Cup Bra

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Please refer to theSIZE CHARTbelow

Size Chart/Actual Wearing Report
Size Chart

Unit:Inches( 1Inches=2.54cm)
Measuring Method:Flattened - Stretched(Within Elastic Range)

Clothing SizesBust
32B~40D please refer hereActual Wearing Report

 ※Depending on measuring method of individual, measurement of products may differ by 1 to 2 inches.

Actual Wearing Report

Measurements:Inches Height:cm Weight:kg

ModelBust(Inches)Waist(Inches)Hip(Inches)Height(cm)Weight(kg) Body ShapeWearing result
Dale34 27 37 15452Upper Body:M/Lower Body:MWearing 32DSize Fit
Fay35.5 30.5 38 15856Upper BodyXS/Lower BodyXSWearing 36DSize Fit
Angela35 31 38.5 16158Upper Body:M/Lower Body:LWearing 34BSize Fit
Ting32C 24 33 16345Wearing 32BSize Fit

Size Measuring Method
Bust:Measure around the upper body just above the tip of the bra
1. The measuring unit is always in "inch" at our web site.
2. There is no absolute relationship between height, weight and size. For example, a plus size girl with 155cm height might wear the same as a lanky girl at 168cm.。
3. Bust is a key factor affecting the choice of shirt size, please refer to the actual wearing report before choosing the suitable size for you。